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We welcome you to the AZ Biopharm GmbH home page. We are an independent FDA registered and GLP / GMP / GCP certified analytical laboratory in Berlin. Our work is characterized by speed, flexibility, passion for analytics, as well as individual and trustworthy contact to the client. We are happy to inform you on the following pages about our broad range of analytical services and offer you competently advise according to your individual needs without obligation. A personal contact person is always available to answer your questions.

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AZ Biopharm Berlin

AZ Biopharm GmbH Berlin is a privately held company that operates for 25 years and has many years of experience in the field of analytics. The focus of our range of services is pharmaceutical quality control under GMP as well as bioanalytics of preclinical and clinical studies under GLP and GCP.

Experienced employees use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to process the studies and projects. The AZB guarantees our clients quality, fast reaction times as well as tailor-made and regulatory-compliant analytical solutions.

As an attractive employer with opportunities for personal development and a low fluctuation rate, the development of the Analytical Center Berlin (AZB) is also directed towards high continuity. Our employees appreciate the cooperative and exiting work environment and bring their enthusiasm into the timely and quality-oriented completion of the analytics.



AZ Biopharm has expanded its analytical toolbox by a recent acquired GC-MSMS from Shimadzu type TQ8060 NX.

With this we can now conduct much more sensitive and selective trace analysis of drug products, APIs, raw materials and phyto-pharmaceuticals. In particular, for the analysis of contaminants as pesticides in cannabis, CBD and dronabinol, GC-MSMS provides the needed sensitivity and selectivity to fulfil the requirements according PhEur.

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AZ Biopharm published a guest article in the FAZ on the future of the cannabis business in Germany after the release by the German government

“The coalition agreement of the SPD, Green party and FDP provides for the controlled supply of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes and a permit for cultivation for commercial purposes. With this newly created availability comes the need to systematically analyze and regulate cannabis products to protect consumers from pesticides, biological contaminants and heavy metals. As a certified laboratory, the Berlin-based testing laboratory AZ Biopharm will play a central role in the testing of large batches of cannabis in the future. In this article, the managing directors Dr. Martin Reinsch and Dr. Berthold Lausecker give an overview of the current situation of legalization, the need for exact analysis and possibilities for testing cannabis products.”

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Ultra-sensitive Nitroglycerin LC-MSMS assay established for support of BE studies

Nitroglycerin, a vasodilator, is used to treat people who have coronary artery disease. It works by relaxing the blood vessels by releasing nitric oxide so the heart does not need to work as hard and therefore does not need as much oxygen. Nitroglycerin is metabolized to 1,2- and 1,3- dinitro-glycerin, which have still pharmacologic activity. The metabolites have the same mass and the same fragment, and so must be chromatographically separated.

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