With the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, we are now facing a pandemic in Europe. At AZ-Biopharm we have taken strict measures in accordance with our social and business responsibility. In the first place, of course, is the general public health of our employees, partners and visitors. As an active and system-critical actor in public health care, AZ-BIOPHARM has taken the following measures to contain the spread of viruses and the safety of everyone:

Measures to limit virus spread:

  • Limited access to our facilities. The public and visitors are no longer allowed in our facilities unless it is business critical for our partners.
  • Employees must strictly follow government and local authority recommendations regarding commuting and social contacts.
  • No personal contact with non-employees for sample and material delivery. Only essential materials are ordered.
  • Minimal surface contact: we are now working with open doors
  • Disinfection guidelines: door handles, tables and chairs must be disinfected regularly and after each use of the room.
  • We provide a sufficient number of disinfectants and masks to all employees.
  • Common areas in the vicinity of the workplace are reserved exclusively for AZ-BIOPHARM employees.

How does this affect our way of working:

  • All business trips are canceled until further notice, unless this is critical for our business partners.
  • Home office is used whenever possible.
  • Personal business meetings are avoided or reduced to a minimum.
  • All employees are continuously informed about the hygiene and protective measures to be followed.
  • No participation in events, external further training and congresses.

You can of course contact us by phone or email as usual, nothing is changing. The functioning of our laboratories is in no way impacted by the current situation. If this changes for our ongoing testing and studies, we will inform you immediately.

We will continue to inform you on our website about the condition and effects of the CONVID-19 pandemic at AZ-Biopharm.