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AZ Biopharm is a GLP/GMP-certified test facility

Services / Fields of activity

AZ Biopharm GmbH is a GLP/GMP-certified test facility for the following testing categories:

  • Physical and chemical properties and determination of content (I)
  • Analytical tests on biological materials (VIII).

In addition, our independent service company is GMP-certified and has a permit pursuant to § 13 Section 1 and § 72 of the Medicines Law.

This permit is only geared towards the testing of active ingredients and medicines, and encompasses products from both human medicine and veterinary medicine. The quality controls take place on the basis of expert tests on the respective chemical and physical properties of these pharmaceuticals.

By choosing our analytical laboratory you have a wide range of validated methods available to you for the determination of the content of active ingredients in a biological matrix (for example blood plasma or urine samples), from clinical samples or animal tissue. In addition, we can perform residue studies to determine the withdrawal time of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

For chemical and physical tests cutting-edge, highly efficient testing and detection methods are used, such as HPLC-LC-MS/MS and GC-MS systems.

Get an impression of the modern facilities of our laboratory and take a look at the equipment we use here.